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Amlocard 5mg Tablet, 1 strip [Amlodipine BP- 5mg]

  • Quantity number indicates 1 strip Amlocard 5mg Tablet.Indication:Amlocard is used in severe and mild to moderate hypertension, myocardial ischaemia, angina pectoris.

৳ 64.00

Composition: Amlodipine 5mg & 10mg Tablet. Indications: Amlocard is used in severe and mild to moderate hypertension, myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris. Dosage & administration: Adult- For both hypertension and angina, the recommended dose is 5mg Amlocard orally once daily, which may be increased to a maximum dose of 10mg. Amlocard is well tolerated in elderly patients. Normal dosage is recommended in patients with renal impairment. Children- Use below 18 years is not currently recommended. Contraindications: Amlocard (amlodipine) is contra-indicated in patients with a known hypersensitivity to dihydropyridine groups (e.g. Nifedipine, Nicardipine, Isradipine). Precautions: Amlocard (amlodipine) should not be used for pregnant or lactating women or to women of child bearing potential unless effective contraception is used. Side effects: Amlocard (amlodipine) is well tolerated. Most common side-effects are headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and hypotension etc. Use in pregnancy and lactation: Pregnancy Category C by FDA. Packing: Amlocard-5: 7 x 14’s tablets in blister pack. Amlocard-10: 4 x 14’s tablets in blister pack.


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Comet 500 Tablet, 1 Strip [Metformin Hydrochloride 500mg]

৳ 40.00
(0 Reviews)
  • Quantity number indicates strip
  • 10 pieces of tablets/strip
  • Indicated for:- Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Monas 10 Tablet, 1 Strip [Montelukast 10 mg]

৳ 240.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 15 tablets in one strip.
  • 1pcs tablets/strip
  • Indicated for: Prophylaxis and chronic treatment of Asthma & for the symptomatic relief of Allergic Rhinitis.

Apsol Oral Paste 5gm, 1 Tube [Amlexanox 5%]

৳ 75.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 1 Tube
  • 1 Tube containing 5 gm oral paste.
  • Indicated for Aphthous ulcers.

Vigorex 25 Tablet, 1 Strip [Sildenafil Citrate 25mg]

৳ 80.00
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  • Quantity number indicates strip.
  • 4 pieces of tablets/strip
  • Indicated for:** Vigorex is indicated for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Bexitrol F 25/125 HFA Inhaler, 1 Inhaler [Salmetrol 25mcg + Fluticasone 125mcg]

৳ 595.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 1 container.
  • Each container contains 120 metered doses.
  • Indicated for:Chronic asthma , COPD

Duocard 5 Tablet, 1 Strip [Cilnidipine 5 mg]

৳ 70.00
(0 Reviews)
  • 10 pcs tablets/strip
  • Indicated for: Management of Hypertension.

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