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Ceevit Forte Effervescent Tablet, 1 Tube [Ascorbic Acid BP (Vitamin-C 1000mg)]

  • Quantity number indicates 1 Tube
  • 1 tube contains 10 effervescent tablets.
  • Indicated for:-Vitamin C Deficiency, Scurvy, Infection, Trauma, Burns, Cold exposure, Following surgery, Fever, Stress, Cancer, Methaemoglobinaemia

৳ 103.00

Ceevit® Forte Vitamin-C1000mg Effervescent Tablet

Composition: Ceevit® Forte Effervescent

Tablet:Each effervescent tablet contains Vitamin-C(as AscorbicacidBP)1000mg.
Pharmacology: , an exogenous source of Vitamin-C(ascorbic acid)is required as a human cannot synthesize ascorbic acid.It is absorbed from the gastro intestine attract and widely distributed in the body tissues. Ascorbic acid is reversibly oxidized to dehydro-ascorbic acid in the body. These two forms of the vitamin rebelieved to be important in oxidation-reduction reactions. The vitamin is involved in tyrosine metabolism, conversion of folic acid to folinic acid, carbohydrate metabolism, synthesis of lipids and proteins, iron metabolism, resistance to infections, and cellular respiration. It is also essential for collagen formation and tissue repair. Vitamin-C deficiency develops when the dietary intake is inadequate and when increased demand is not fulfilled. Vitamin-C deficiency results in scurvy, which is characterized by capillary fragility, collagenous structures are primarily affected and lesions develop in bones and blood vessels, bleeding (especially from small blood vessels and gums), anemia and slow healing of wounds. AdministrationofVitamin-C completely reverses the deficiency symptoms of Vitamin-C.
Indication and Use: Ceevit® Forte EffervescentT ablet is indicated for the treatment or prevention of– Vitamin-C Deficiency Scurvy Pregnancy & Lactation Infection, Trauma, Burns, Coldexposure, Following Surgery, Fever.Stress, Cancer, Methaemoglobinaemia and Children receiving unfortified formulas. Also indicated in– Hematuria Dental Caries Gum Diseases Pyorrhea Acne Infertility Atherosclerosis Fractures Legulcers Hayfever Vascular thrombosis prevention Levodopa toxicity Arsenic toxicity and etc.
Dosage and Administration: One tablet daily with a meal oras directed by physician Dissolve one tablet in one glass of water and drink instantly
Side effect: Generally ascorbic acid is well tolerated. However, few side effects including stomach upset, diarrhea, mouth sores or frequent urination may be seen.
Precaution: Diabetes, patients prone to recurrent renal calculi and those on sodium-restricted diets or anticoagulant therapy should not take excessive doses of ascorbic acid over an extended period of time.
Use in pregnancy& lactation: During pregnancy and lactation usual dosage is safe.
Contraindication: There is no contraindication to the administration of Vitamin-C.
Drug Interaction: Limited evidence suggests that ascorbic acid may influence the intensity and duration of action of hydroxycoumarin.:
Overdosage: If over dose is suspected, patients should contact to local poison center or emergency unit immediately. Symptoms of overdose may include a change in amount of urine or joint pain.
Storage Condition: Store in a cool and dry place protected from light and moisture. After use wrap remaining tablets with foil, keep cotton at the opening end of the tube and keep the tube tightly closed.

How Supplied: Ceevit® Forte : Each tube contains 10 effervescent tablets


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Alneed Plus capsule, 1 Strip [Iron, Folic acid, Vit- B, Vit-C& Zinc]

৳ 35.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 1 strip 10 pieces of capsules in 1 stripIndicated for:-Treatment and prophylaxis of Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, B-vitamins and Vitamin-C deficiency especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Multivit Plus Tablet, 1 Pot [Multivitamin+ Mineral]

৳ 54.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 1 bottle.
  • 30 pcs of tablet cointain in a bottle.
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E-CAP 200 IU Capsule, 1 strip [Vitamin E-200 I.U. in Soft Capsule]

৳ 45.00
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  • "Quantity number indicates 1 strip E-CAP 200IU Capsule.
  • 10 pieces of capsules /strip.
  • Indication:
  • Vitamin E is used for the treatment & prevention of Vitamin E deficiency. There is a possible need for supplimentation of Vitamin-E in the diet of pregnant & lactating women and for new born infants where anemia can arise as a result of insufficiency of Vitamin-E. Vitamin-E has been tried in the treatment of various disorders including angina pectoris, hypercholesterolaemia, intermittent claudication, fibrocystic breast disease, cancer, nocturnal leg cramps, osteoarthritis etc. Vitamin-E has also been claimed to enhance athletic performance. "

Zovia Gold Tablet 30's, 1 Pot [Vitamin A To Z]

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  • Quantity number indicates 1 Pot
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Bextram Gold Tablet 30's, 1 Pot [High potency 32 Multivitamin - Multimineral with complete Antioxidant group]

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  • Quantity number indicates 1 Pot
  • 1 HDPE Potr contains 30 tablets...
  • Indications:
  • - Used to improve the nutritional status of women

Flatameal DS Suspension 200ml, 1 Bottle [Aluminium Hydroxide 200mg + Magnesium hydroxide 200mg + simethicone 30mg]

৳ 75.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 1 bottle
  • Each bottle contains 200 ml of suspension
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Nutrum Gold Tablet, 15's Pot, 1 Pot [32 Multivitamin and Multimineral]

৳ 105.00
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  • Quantity number indicates 1 Pot.
  • 15 pcs of tablet in 1 pot
  • Indicated for: Adults for treatment & prevention of vitamins & minerals deficiencies.

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